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Murray Lawn Mowers Manual & Troubleshooting Guide

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Murray Lawn Mowers Troubleshooting

The transaxle is difficult to shift between gears with the engine running and the clutch depressed

  • Check the clutch adjustment to make sure the belt stops when the clutch pedal is depressed with the transaxle in (N) neutral.
  • Check the belt guides around the transaxle drive pulley. Make sure the belt guides do not touch the pulley.

The engine stops when selecting reverse travel

  • Before selecting reverse travel, move the blade rotation control to the DISENGAGE position. See the Operation section for details.

The engine stops when the operator leaves the seat

  • This is normal. The operator presence system is designed to allow operation only if the operator is in the seat.
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Murray Lawn Mowers common problem.

The mower blades will not rotate?

  • Check the mower drive belt. Make sure the belt is installed correctly.
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